Marriage/Couples Counseling
Marriage or couple's counseling is a process in which couples are helped to view relationship problems differently so that there is an opportunity for change. The relationship is the focus in this counseling, however, each partner will be asked to increase their self-awareness and acknowledge and understand his/her responsibility in the relationship dynamics. A willingness for personal change is needed in both partners in order for marriage/couple's counseling to be effective. 

At Stonelea Family Counseling, our therapists can assist you and your spouse/partner in changing destructive communication and conflict patterns, increase your behaviors of caring and intimacy, help you build or re-build trust, and improve your over-all relationship satisfaction. We have experience in assisting couples with issues around parenting, intimacy, finances, infidelity, family-of-origin issues as well as stepfamily/blended family concerns. 

Our therapists will:
•    Not judge or blame
•    Show respect to both of you
•    Ensure you each receive equal time to discuss your concerns
•    Won't take sides or blame one partner for the relationship issues
•    Manage the sessions so that each of you feels safe in counseling sessions

Premarital Counseling
All too often, couples engaged to be married focus their time and efforts on the wedding day instead of what comes afterwards, their marriage. Pre-marital counseling is short-term counseling that helps couples build their capacity to have a successful, mutually satisfying marriage. Couples are assisted in learning about each other (including expectations and life goals), defining their strengths and needs as a couple, and developing skills and strategies for dealing with differences.  Couples are often assisted in building positive communication and conflict resolutions skills as well as strategies to maintain intimacy and trust. Premarital counseling can also assist couples in addressing concerns before they become damaging to the relationship. 

The therapists at Stonelea Family Counseling will work with you to define your goals for pre-marital counseling. Whether it be two sessions or more, we will help you build a strong foundation for a thriving and happy marriage.