Laurie Krull has over 25 years experience helping individuals and families.  She has a passion for walking alongside individuals and families as they strive to live rich, fulfilling lives.  In 2000, Laurie began providing Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy in 2000 as a way of helping children with attachment issues who did not respond to traditional therapy.  As part of of treating children with attachment issues, she has also developed strategies for addressing many of the challenges that often exist alongside attachment problems such as anxiety and depression, bipolar disorder, sensory issues and executive function delays.  Laurie has been trained to provide Progressive Counting and TBRI to address trauma for both adults and children.  She finds great joy watching adults and children find a way forward to a place of hope and joy.    Laurie also offers counseling for Christians interested in christian counseling.  


Gail Sunshine-May is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with over 20 years of experience serving adults, couples and children. Using a cognitive-behavioral approach to therapy, Gail assists individuals with anxiety and/or depression in developing calming/coping skills and changing the negative thought processes that keep them stuck in unhealthy patterns of behavior. Correcting unproductive thinking and behavior leads to increased self-esteem, greater relationship satisfaction, and an increase in positive social experiences.  Gail is also experienced in treating both adult and children who have experienced trauma and is trained in utilizing Progressive Counting to facilitate trauma resolution. 

With the recognition that reciprocal patterns of negative behavior are damaging to relationships, Gail works with couples is to build self-awareness while also building concrete skills in communication, "fair fighting" and in sustaining intimacy. She has extensive experience in addressing complex relationship issues including infidelity, blended/step-family concerns, parenting issues as well as life transition and loss issues.

In her work with teens and children (ages 8+), Gail focuses on helping kids identify and verbalize their feelings and build executive functioning skills in order to reduce fear and anxiety, diminish oppositional behavior and build positive peer relationships. An important aspect of Gail’s work with kids is to engage parents and care-givers in understanding their child's individual needs, exploring how their responses and interactions may impact the child's behavior and finally, assisting them in developing parenting skills to support their child's use of healthier coping mechanisms.

JoLynn Feagin believes that each individual is unique and each challenge requires a person to be met where they are at. JoLynn understands the importance of integrating not only evidenced based interventions, but also warmth, empathy and compassion into the counseling relationship.

JoLynn  is an experienced clinical therapist with almost ten years of experience serving individuals and helping them succeed. She considers it a privilege to have the opportunity to walk with individuals through some of their most difficult and discouraging challenges.

Her career began in substance abuse and then transitioned into serving individuals with mental health challenges. In her history of counseling she has worked in rural and urban setting treating mental health, substance abuse, and duly diagnosed individuals. While also, she has also enjoyed treating adolescents, young adults and children.

Throughout JoLynn’s years of experience she has helped a variety of individual’s overcome their anxiety, low self-esteem, relational problems, stress, depression, grief, and adjustment to new life seasons (ie college, divorce, break ups).

JoLynn enjoys using a number of strategies to help individuals achieve their goal with a few tactics as examining how perceptions impact problem behaviors, exploring how childhood events impact current functioning & coping as an adult and working to develop tools for improvement of emotional regulation. She has had the joy of seeing these interventions transform lives.

JoLynn has a passion for helping people heal and seeing individual overcome trials. JoLynn also provides Christian counseling to those who are interested.


Joseph O. Baker, Jr. is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who has helped children, adolescents and their families cope with major difficulties in their lives for over 25 years. He is now transitioning to a private practice setting after spending the majority of his career as a psychiatric social worker/clinical therapist in Children’s Hospital of Buffalo, most recently at the Autism Center.  He has worked in Western New York as a counselor in outpatient clinics, hospital inpatient settings and residential treatment centers. 

He specializes in assisting children and families coping with crisis, chronic medical conditions, suicidal ideations, and severe mental illnesses.  This includes Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, Childhood Behavior Disorders such as Attention Deficit-Hyperactivity Disorder and Conduct Disorder, along with Developmental Disabilities such as Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Joe employs aspects of both Cognitive Behavior Therapy and Trauma Resolution Therapy that have helped hundreds of children and their families. He will be able to help your child and family resolve issues that affect your lives and develop strategies for coping.  He offers both daytime and evening appointments    


You change your life by changing your heart
— Max Lucado

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We also have a fluffy, lovable therapy dog…meet Silas!

We also have a fluffy, lovable therapy dog…meet Silas!

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